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Get connected to a American Technician, tell them what you want
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     We will then connect to your computer remotely and finesse your computer into total compliance.

     Do you need help with a project you are working on? Just call us we can share control of your computer
     and help you thru to tough parts.

     Do you wish you could burn CDs/DVDs or want to get the most out of your email? We have computer instruction in 45 minute sessions.

     We don't tell you how, we show you how. 


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Our Most Popular Computer Services

Computer Diagnostics   

Not sure what you need, We'll find the problem

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Total Attitude Adjustment                                                                                                                         

Does your computer have a bad attitude? you need a TAA. Our experienced technicians will find the root of your problem, and fix it safely and quickly

Severe Talking To

 By adjusting Windows settings, we will have your PC running faster and more responsively.                    

Virus Disinfection                                                                                                                                  

We will quickly identify and remove viruses and spyware, includes anti-virus and anti-spyware programs       

One Year Monthly Update Service
$14.99 per month

We will keep your computer updated and running smooth

Computer Instruction
$39.95 per session

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